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Online Tools

Access your online tools and applications from here. If you would like to learn more about a particular tool, please go to the Resources menu at the top of this page.

Career Direct

Depending on your career related needs you may consider career counseling to learn more about yourself and how to carry out wise decisions and plans that relate to your life and future career direction.

Personality I.D.

Personality I.D.® has developed a world-class, online, web platform that allows you to do your own assessment and also enables you as a coach/leader or consultant to serve others from anywhere in the world.

MoneyLife Indicator

You can't get where you want to be if you don't know where you are.

MoneyLife Mentoring

Our online MoneyLife™ Mentoring program matches you with one of our certified mentors to thoroughly analyze your financial status.

God Provides

Access over 30 free tools and resources as well as receive facilitator help and discussion.

JTFF Seminar

Access online tools and calculators, download forms and worksheets and discover tips and techniques for managing your finances at every stage of life.

Crown MoneyMap

Login to track your personal goals, update financial milestones, review next destinations and get support for your MoneyMap.

Crown Life Groups

Login to access your Life Group Content. You can login using your MoneyMap ID and Password.